About Us

Evenson Trucking Company is a family owned trucking company that was established in 1985. In the beginning we were transporting AG products regionally, and over the past years our company has evolved into a 100% refrigerated carrier. We are now transporting beef, poultry, pork, produce and other food commodities. We now operate in all 48 states.

Evenson Trucking Company makes service a top priority. As our customer, you will be very pleased with our on-time pickup and delivery percentages of 99%. At Evenson Trucking Company we have installed tracking devices on all of the 100 refrigerated trailers, so we and our customers know exactly where their products are at all times. The latest 40 trailers (2012s and newer) not only have location tracking, but also give us current information on the temperature inside the trailer. This allows us to monitor the temperature of our customers’ products at all times.

SERVICE is what a company has to offer, and here at Evenson Trucking Company we are providing a safe and reliable solution for all your transport needs.