March 2013 Newsletter

Friday, March 1st, 2013

How The Cattle Shortage Will Affect Your Freight Business

Economists from Texas Agrilife estimated that by the end of 2013, drought had led to an agricultural loss of over five billion dollars which sadly, proved to be the most costly that is on record to date. With the economy still reeling in the panhandle today, none are feeling it worse than those in the businesses of cattle and freight. Much of the crop production in the panhandle was produced for the sole purpose of feeding cattle. Since Texas has a very large industry both for beef and milk, when the cows run out of things to eat, it begins to turn everything upside down. Ranchers, farmers, and freight companies alike are all trying to adjust to these changes in the best manner that they can.

With the economy altered, truck drivers are finding that they must get inventive to stay afloat. For instance, where it was the primary job of many freight teams, especially those with many reefers in their ranks, to truck meat and milk across the panhandle and throughout the nation; today, there is an equal need to make runs to bring grains back to Texas to feed the cattle that are left. Some of these runs are taking drivers as far away as Canada simply because the effects of the drought are so widespread.

Another opportunity for truck drivers is to start trucking the live cattle themselves. Many farmers after recognizing the lasting effects that the drought will have on the economy have decided to either sell their cattle or purchase land for themselves in other states. Both of these ideas require truckers to ferry the cattle to new locations and if you are currently looking for work, this could be a prime opportunity.

Of course, not all the cows are gone from the panhandle. Even in a downturned economy, there is still a market for milk and beef as well as a need for transportation to get it on the shelves of grocers so that consumers have access. By aligning yourself with the right people, you can still find opportunities to deliver high quality milk and beef to those who need it.

Ultimately, the cattle shortage has had a profound effect on the economy as well as on truck drivers. However, with a little creativity, you can still flourish within your trade. You must simply find the right outlet and offer consistent delivery times.