The Importance of On-Time Delivery

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013


Evenson Trucking understands logistics. Everyone wants to be able to find an on time delivery team that knows how to get perishable items to a given location on time, and safely. Evenson Trucking Company in Amarillo, Texas delivers the freight that your company needs safely and on time. Evenson Trucking is always willing to work according to a customer’s timeline.


We specialize in refrigerated transport. The process of shipping beef, pork, chicken, and produce, for example, has to be done in a very timely fashion. Evenson Trucking Company has an overall on time delivery rate of over 99%. Our customers know that they can count on us to get the freight delivered on time.

Work with Us

Evenson Trucking is a leader in the field of delivering refrigerated products. An individual that wants to apply to be a part of the Evenson Trucking team can go to Join Our Team in order to get more information. Customers who have questions about setting up an agreement with Evenson Trucking could visit the website or call 806-342-4777.

On Time Delivery

Our experienced workforce is here to help you. A refrigerated food company can lean upon our 25 years of experience, and feel confident that your product will retain seal integrity, and be delivered on time. Evenson Trucking is here to transport your freight with excellence as our standard.